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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Data is elastic.

Data is elastic.

Here’s what we have for phone numbers so far:

  • 867-5309, Jenny (Tommy Tutone)
  • 853-5937 (Squeeze)
  • 834-5789 (Wilson Pickett)
  • 911 Is A Joke (Public Enemy)
  • 777-9311 (The Time)
  • Beechwood 4-5789 (The Marvelettes)
  • Promised Land (Chuck Berry)… unless we find the Meatloaf version
  • …and did you know that AC/DC’s phone number is 362436? Presumably that needs an Australian country code to work. Why not give AC/DC a call? They have a good offer on dirty deeds.

Early results for dates and addresses are less encyclopedic.

Freelance rock scholars, unite in the name of research sharing! Here’s the show on MP3.

Tentative title: Songs with Data.

Other shows include:

Songs with answering machine messages, dial tones, and telephone voices off the hook on Rock Geek FM!


This show is an exploration of a very serious topic: good opening songs for albums. We kick off 2011 with lots of side one track ones. It’s like listening to 20 records for three minutes each. Much thought has likely been given by bands and producers to which song to put first. Here we try to unpack some of that, while, in the mix, saving ourselves a lot of time queuing CDs. Keep starting to listen?

The definitive opening cut.

The definitive opening cut.