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Cristy, William, and Baby Chaos identify their favorite stand-out debut albums from 1962 through the present, playing tracks from the greatest first albums released between 1976-1996. All accompanied by astute analysis, personal anecdotes, factual misunderstandings, and a rambunctious toddler. Listen to the first hour here.

They are then joined by Chelsea Bandita and Milkwagon, and help co-host Surfabilly Freakout in a human mash-up called Freaks and Geeks. Surf and rockabilly music old and new, some from places with no beaches whatsoever.

Appetite for Stupidity

This is the best-selling debut album of all time, according to Wikipedia this morning. #2? Boston. Neither made our list. An oversight? On whose part? Ours or the world’s?

Surfabilly Freakout scholars, from left to right: The Red Baron, Koffin Keith, Jet Sterling, Beach Boys' co-founder Mike Love, (front row), D.O.A., Milkwagon, Mike, Chiquita Bandita.

Surfabilly Freakout scholars, from left to right: (back row) The Red Baron, Koffin Keith, Jet Sterling, Beach Boys’ co-founder Mike Love. Left to right: (front row), D.O.A. (Director of Awesome), Milkwagon, Motorhead Mike, Chiquita Bandita. Photo by Hotrod Willy.

Formerly of former college radio station WPGU, the crew of Surfabilly Freakout in exile have landed on the shores of WEFT to spill an hour of hell-raising, hair-raising, cacti-and-bacon-infused tequila-soaked mayhem. Press play and stand way back from the radio or you may wake up in the next room in a sticky puddle of malt liquor with the tire tracks of a stolen pink-and-black Cadillac criss-crossing your face. This is high-voltage radio of the sort that gentle WEFT is barely able to broadcast without melting its equipment and triggering a prairie fire in its front-door weed garden. Gape as you listen to the internet-authenticated on-air Baptism of an enthused-if-bewildered two-month-old, and experience the elation of the entire crew on the day of Polkapallooza, or Porkapallooza. Hell, we don’t know. The rock geeks are riding in the rumble seat for this one.

Newly baptized Milkwagon contemplating his first on-air witticism.