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Category Archives: violins

Never name your band “Violens.” If, in the weird science of naming bands, any misspelling counts as clever, then I guess I’m impressed. But when the DJ back-announced the band who recorded the song that had us spellbound, “Violens” was not among the first thirty spellings I would have guessed. And there is a band called “Violence.” If there was never a band called “Violets,” I’d say name your band that right now, it’s a fantastic name. Except that when the DJ back-announces you, it won’t do you any good. People will be looking for a band called “Violins,” another fine name, unless your band has violinists, in which case it would not count as clever.

Violens has no album out yet, as best I can tell. But the song we heard is fantastic and can be downloaded for free.