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Prior to his live radio concert on The WEFT Sessions, Kurt Bielema joins William to share his eclectic musical history of alter egos, unreleased tracks, his work with the scorching Angie Heaton, and new and old tracks from teen metal to trip hop to power pop to kids playing improvised jazz piano for six hands. Featuring a quiz: a guest appearance by Cristy “Rockcyclopedia” Scoggins who is charged with guessing the birth years of rock stars of note who celebrated birthdays in the previous two weeks.


Download here or listen below.

But don’t stop there. Later, Kurt gives a live performance of original material and covers live in the studio on the WEFT SESSIONS.


Download here or listen below.

And he gets the girl at the end. It was a long day but worth it.

Sorry, ladies. This one's taken.

Sorry, ladies. This one’s taken.