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Category Archives: holidays


At the end of a lovely Independence Day weekend, Austin and William stand in for Jason Finkelman on Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, bringing you music from the distant fringes of jazz and the flip side of patriotism.

Download the thing here or click on the isosceles triangle below.


All this reggae-styled Italian western needs is a movie.

A show dedicated to movie soundtrack music that never appeared in movies.

We celebrate the fact that soundtrack music, especially Italian horror and western soundtracks, has become a musical genre detached from film.

A dense, lush, funky, orchestral, and creepy mix.

Turn on the projector of your mind and listen here.


This one is actually a real movie, not a fake soundtrack. I didn’t play it. But it looks fake.


DJ Reggaetone and I attempt to fit 3/4 waves of ska into two hours, replete with factoids, banter, and technical glitches. Dreaming of a black and white Christmas. We field requests via telephone, facebook, and cell, and wander into the treacherous cul-de-sacs of bands we’ve never heard but which have funny names, one of the features of third-wave ska. Listen and skank.



For Thanksgiving weekend, we’re turning the radio show into a cozy restaurant serving up five courses of bands named after food: appetizers, soup, entrees, fruit, and coffee with dessert. For various reasons, we have a limited menu of only one hour, so please be patient with our many specials and substitutions. And, oh yeah, we didn’t find any bands named Water, so you’ll have to make do with no beverages—we’re saving those for another show. Tuck in to our savory meal and listen.


Rick Halberg joins us to warm up the transmitter coils and roast a few old chestnuts. ‘Tis the season for giving, so download this into your stocking.

St. Rick and his elves.

St. Rick and his elves.

Your pilots.

Your pilots.

Halloween show.

Everyone in our family got the same present this year.

Everyone in our family got the same present this year.

Happy holidays. Play this and trim the tree.

Afterward we attempt to join with Todd Hunter in a year-in-review show. This fails to bring the holiday warmth to William, as Hunter refuses to turn off the IM on the big Windows laptop he is using to play music. Listen and grit your teeth with every ping.

The Great Halloween show. LISTEN.

Honcho and his merry ghouls.

Honcho and his merry ghouls.

A mix from an avid scholar of Christmas rock! Saint Rick Halberg! Download this down your chimney and enjoy!

Saint Draco getting high on his first Xmas tree.

Saint Draco getting high on his first Xmas tree.

An early, haunted, spirited, sleep-deprived, headless romp through horror movie soundtracks, songs about death, unexplained phenomena, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is a fun download.