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Up up and away! One more hour of music about comics and cartoons, loaded with soundbites as tasty as marshmallows in your Saturday morning cereal. Put on your pajamas, download, and enjoy.

Cristy vs. William.

Cristy vs. William.

Silence is a powerful tool. In interpersonal communications it can express rainbows of meaning. In rock, especially rock geared for radio (which is almost all of it), it is as inappropriate as it is effective. It’s hard to listen for, butthere it is.

For this show, Ethan Madarieta and William Gillespie took turns spinning songs chosen in response to the song the other one just played, creating a spontaneous lattice of segues, transitions, connections, arguments, and intermusical references.

Listen, download, tune in, and UNDERSTAND. Here’s the playlist.


On 28 June 2010 Cristy and William were joined by guest host percussionist and jazz scholar Jason Finkelman, who took us on a tour of the wild, sophisticated borderland of jazz and rock. Two hours of this left us pretty much speechless.

On June 21, abetted by the crew of Rock Geek F.M., DJ “Two Tone” Tony Money birthed his brainchild, “Out of Their Element,” in which we identified instances where bands attempted to create music in styles that they were not suited for. Such as Brian Wilson’s rap track.

This show felt like it quickly disintegrated into total, wanton anarchy.

How cute is that? A show of songs about cats and dogs. And cats.

Oil vs. water.

Oil vs. water.