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Category Archives: arthropods

On the roller derby track and behind the microphone, she goes by the moniker Polly Nator, revealing a deeply rooted fascination with bees, insects, and all the little creatures that aid in pollination. As guest hostess, this star entomologist dazzles us with insect education, and spins two hours of songs about, mostly, bees, but also arachnids, insects, and other arthropods.

Listen to the lecture / discussion and rock broadcast here.

On this episode we play songs about bugs. Insects, arachnids, and worms. Ew! Ew!


Sunday, while I attended the Vintage Vinyl sale in search of $1 AC/DC LPs, Cristy took over our radio show and spun songs about animals. Except for the opening track, we decided that songs about dogs and cats, as well as songs about insects, would each merit a separate, future show. But mammals, birds, fish, and arachnids are all represented here.

This Saturday, guest host Anderson will be offering “Nighttime Sunshine”, an exploration of one thread of L.A.’s Paisley Underground scene; the evolution and influence of David Roback and Kendra Smith. At the ungodly hour of 8-9 AM ILLINOIS TIME on, or 90.1 FM for those lucky enough to live in the coolest town in the world.

The original animal.

The original animal.