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Turn off the lights and turn on Songs About Ghosts Pt. 1.


Two hours of rock from Scotland! Has anybody coined the term Scotrock yet? If not, would it be unforgivable if we were to add that to the rock geek lexicon along with Krautrock and Mathrock? Assembled with thanks to Alister Smith, Glasgow correspondent Iain Matheson, and Ben from the Brighton Rock Geek Office!


Here’s the setlist:

Scotland – December 28, 2013

  1. Turn Up the Radio – Sugar Crisis, n/a
  2. Grey Streets – Felt, Forever Breathes the Lonely Word, 1986
  3. Taking Names and Heartbeats – Sugar Crisis, n/a
  4. The Living End (demo) – The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Power of Negative Thinking, 2008
  5. Kids Will be Skeletons – Mogwai, Happy Songs for Happy People, 2003
  6. New Year’s Resolution – Camera Obscura, Desire Lines, 2013*
  7. I’m Waking Up to Us – Belle and Sebastian, I’m Waking Up to Us (single), 2001
  8. Quicksand – Travis, 12 Stories, 2003
  9. Good Morning Britain – Aztec Camera, Stray, 1990
  10. I Hate Scotland – Ballboy, Club Anthems, 2002
  11. Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From – Teenage Fanclub, Songs from Northern Britain, 1997
  12. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam – The Vaselines, MOJO comp: Roots of Nirvana, 2011
  13. Gentle Tuesday – Primal Scream, Sonic Flower Groove
  14. Impossible Things – Looper, Up a Tree, 1999
  15. Baby Don’t You Do It – The Poets, Comp: The Perfumed Garden: 82 Rare Flowerings from the British Underground 1965–73, n/a
  16. Chinese White – The Incredible String Band, Comp: White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, 2006
  17. The Universal Soldier – Donovan, Comp: The British Are Coming, 2002
  18. Moscow Olympics – Orange Juice, The Glasgow School, 2005
  19. Simply Thrilled Honey – Orange Juice, Comp: Beloved, 2008
  20. Lorelei – Cocteau Twins, Comp: The Brit Box
  21. Somewhere in China – Shop Assistants, Comp: The Brit Box
  22. Nobody’s Wedding – Richard Thompson
  23. Breakfast – Eugenius
  24. Superstar – Barfly
  25. Tell Her Tonight – Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand, 2004
  26. Thank You for Being You – The Pastels, Truckload of Trouble, 1993
  27. Dragon – The Beta Band, Hot Shots II, 2001

*denotes new

Silence is a powerful tool. In interpersonal communications it can express rainbows of meaning. In rock, especially rock geared for radio (which is almost all of it), it is as inappropriate as it is effective. It’s hard to listen for, butthere it is.

For this show, Ethan Madarieta and William Gillespie took turns spinning songs chosen in response to the song the other one just played, creating a spontaneous lattice of segues, transitions, connections, arguments, and intermusical references.

Listen, download, tune in, and UNDERSTAND. Here’s the playlist.