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Category Archives: No Bob Dylan


Subbing for one of our favorite shows Decayed Lace, we try our hand at goth rock, with a few moody digressions, closing with half an hour of music by bands whose names include the letter X, that most alien of alphanumeric characters.

Download the two hours of darkness here.

View the playlist here.

Songs about losers, losing, losing you, for losing, lost losers. Actually a pretty upbeat and punchy mix!


Tune it in and get happy here. I left a chunk of the previous show on this recording so you can cringe at the awkward transitions that are a part and parcel of community radio. It will be a sad day when commercial professionalism entirely consumes the airwaves.


Songs about legal matters, lawyers, police, jail, punishment, release, and songs with actual courtroom scenes. A judicious mix, but listen and judge for yourself.

A sugary bowlful of songs about comics and cartoons, with colorful audio marshmallows from classic and vintage cartoons. Grab your favorite cereal, wriggle into those sleepers, and get comfortable on the carpet as close to the radio set as possible. Download, up, up, and away.


Songs about monkeys. With Cristy, William, and Ba. Our second show in a row with a legitimate listener calling in a legitimate request—this time it was a two-year-old. Peel a banana, sit back on your favorite branch, and enjoy.

Keith Richards. Image courtesy of, who probably stole it from somewhere else.

Keith Richards. Image courtesy of, who probably stole it from somewhere else.

For the holiday season, we bring you the second installment of Songs About Bad Parties. Get in the spirit, download, listen, and sulk in the corner.

This party just took a turn for the douche.

This party just took a turn for the douche.





For Thanksgiving weekend, we’re turning the radio show into a cozy restaurant serving up five courses of bands named after food: appetizers, soup, entrees, fruit, and coffee with dessert. For various reasons, we have a limited menu of only one hour, so please be patient with our many specials and substitutions. And, oh yeah, we didn’t find any bands named Water, so you’ll have to make do with no beverages—we’re saving those for another show. Tuck in to our savory meal and listen.


Cristy and William team up to pay tribute to the prominent (to them!) women in alternative rock of the late 1970s and 1980s.

Two hours of power.

Polly Styrene.

Polly Styrene.

A show based on William’s finest ever mixtape? Of course! The title of the show and the mixtape is Fanfare for a New Mixtape, with a nod to Igor Stravinsky. Boom!


On this Saturday’s Women Making Waves, Cristy focuses on re-appropriating the master’s tools: songs mostly by men covered and improved by women. Be revisionist: Listen.