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Cristy, William, and Baby Chaos identify their favorite stand-out debut albums from 1962 through the present, playing tracks from the greatest first albums released between 1976-1996. All accompanied by astute analysis, personal anecdotes, factual misunderstandings, and a rambunctious toddler. Listen to the first hour here.

They are then joined by Chelsea Bandita and Milkwagon, and help co-host Surfabilly Freakout in a human mash-up called Freaks and Geeks. Surf and rockabilly music old and new, some from places with no beaches whatsoever.

Appetite for Stupidity

This is the best-selling debut album of all time, according to Wikipedia this morning. #2? Boston. Neither made our list. An oversight? On whose part? Ours or the world’s?

For Cristy’s 18th birthday, she and 13-month-old Heather blast out the speakers with raw, electric estrogen, spinning women of punk rock.

Woman and punk.

Woman and punk.

Listen. Now.

This show is an exploration of a very serious topic: good opening songs for albums. We kick off 2011 with lots of side one track ones. It’s like listening to 20 records for three minutes each. Much thought has likely been given by bands and producers to which song to put first. Here we try to unpack some of that, while, in the mix, saving ourselves a lot of time queuing CDs. Keep starting to listen?

The definitive opening cut.

The definitive opening cut.

On this Saturday’s Women Making Waves, Cristy focuses on re-appropriating the master’s tools: songs mostly by men covered and improved by women. Be revisionist: Listen.