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Category Archives: songs that refer to other bands

Like his heroes George Strait and Ketih Whitley, William is unapologetically Country. His songs, while rooted in the present, call to mind simpler times when the back porch was where folks gathered to network. The first track on this show, ‘Trash,’ paints a picture of rural life that speaks to his small town sensibilities. ”This song identifies who I am,” he says. ”It shows character and that’s important where I’m from. You learn to say ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, sir,’ and to open the door for the ladies.”

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This week we’re dedicating our radio show to songs that refer to other bands. We’ve recorded a short promo to explain our position on this complex and far-reaching topic. For example, Robyn Hitchcock has songs that are about or refer to Arthur Lee, Arthur Cane, David Byrne, Nick Lowe, and the Higsons. They Might Be Giants has “We’re the Replacements,” “Rhythm Section Want Ad,” and “Twisting” (my fave for the dB’s reference).

We hope this topic will be rich enough to create a dazzling playlist of utter gems.

Your help naming songs is totally useful and appreciated. And I hope Scott likes it. How is the rock radio in Norway, anyway?

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And here’s the whole show on MP3.

Thanks for listening. I hope Neil Young will remember…

I forgot!

I forgot!

Saturday the 31st on Rock Geek F.M. Cristy and I are looking for songs that name their own band—songs whose lyrics include the name of the band that plays them. Unfortunately, we must steer away from rap for this theme, as it is part of the genre for rappers to discuss themselves. When it happens in a rock song, though, it can be a bit jarring.