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For Thanksgiving weekend, we’re turning the radio show into a cozy restaurant serving up five courses of bands named after food: appetizers, soup, entrees, fruit, and coffee with dessert. For various reasons, we have a limited menu of only one hour, so please be patient with our many specials and substitutions. And, oh yeah, we didn’t find any bands named Water, so you’ll have to make do with no beverages—we’re saving those for another show. Tuck in to our savory meal and listen.


It looks like Cristy and I get to move our show Rock Geek F.M. to Monday evenings. To celebrate what might be our last Saturday 8 a.m. rock show, we’re thinking about doing a show on songs about coffee.

Many of these songs are too cheesy to consider (“Java Jive”), so this is proving challenging. So far we have:

Black Coffee in Bed, Squeeze
Black Coffee, Black Flag
Coffee Song, Cream
Free Coffee, Ben Folds
1974, Robyn Hitchcock

A couple of cups and we’ll have no problem filling two hours with music and chatter.

Cuppa love. Luvva cup.

Cuppa love. Luvva cup.