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At the end of a lovely Independence Day weekend, Austin and William stand in for Jason Finkelman on Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, bringing you music from the distant fringes of jazz and the flip side of patriotism.

Download the thing here or click on the isosceles triangle below.

On 28 June 2010 Cristy and William were joined by guest host percussionist and jazz scholar Jason Finkelman, who took us on a tour of the wild, sophisticated borderland of jazz and rock. Two hours of this left us pretty much speechless.

On June 21, abetted by the crew of Rock Geek F.M., DJ “Two Tone” Tony Money birthed his brainchild, “Out of Their Element,” in which we identified instances where bands attempted to create music in styles that they were not suited for. Such as Brian Wilson’s rap track.

This show felt like it quickly disintegrated into total, wanton anarchy.

Mutatis Mutandis by Herbert Brun.

Mutatis Mutandis by Herbert Brun.

As a sub for Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, the avant-garde show, I had it in mind to do an entirely a capella show focusing on experimental music for voice. I really wondered what two hours of anticommunicative voices would feel like. People talking to you who did not want anything from you. Halfway through, the usual host, who was supposed to be taking the night off, showed up and hovered nervously. Perhaps to Jason I was playing the wrong avant garde music. But isn’t that the point?

I include the complete playlist below and reconstruct the broadcast as well.


01 Central Park Transverse Vocal 1    0:43    Henry Flynn
Slender Fungus    3:36    Tones On Tail
Breaking Up Immediately Recognizable Units of Significance Is Hard to Do    4:27    William DeFotis
Universal Drainage    1:24    Phil Minton
That’s Halloween    1:47    Duplex Planet
Zweiter Teil    3:13    Kurt Schwitters
Dritter Teil    2:43    Kurt Schwitters
FIDDLE    0:05
My, I’m Large    3:58    The Bobs
Anselm_Berrigan    5:55    Anselm Berrigan
Maledetto    14:33    Kenneth Gaburo
The Flow of (u)    23:01    Kenneth Gaburo


Lifting Leeks    2:44    Phil MintonShadowSong (1979)    5:10    Joan La Barbara
Three Lies    3:01    Phil Minton
Dialogue ”Lonnie Cooks Quail”    0:22    Dialogue with Glen Fitzgerald
Todor Todorka :trad.Bulgarian    3:11    Amasong
Unfortunate    0:14    Exene Cervenka
Erin (1980)    6:56    Joan La Barbara
Circlesong Two    4:14    Bobby McFerrin
Son Of Byford    0:27    Run-D.M.C.
Josquin: Petite Camusette    1:02    The Hillard Ensemble
01 Emergency    3:41    Sweet Honey In The Rock
02 Our Side Won    5:10    Sweet Honey In The Rock
03 Ode to the International Debt    3:16    Sweet Honey In The Rock
04 Are My Hands Clean_    2:56    Sweet Honey In The Rock
Well    2:08    Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Ballad    2:15    Phil Minton
Dough Song 1    0:47    Phil Minton
Dialogue ”Acid Propaganda”    0:59    Dialogue with Lily Tomlin, Alan Alda & Ben Stiller
Gil    1:22    Don Van Vliet
Dough Song 13    0:35    Phil Minton
ENOUGH    0:02
Wafflehead    4:04    Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
Whole Lotta Love    3:26    The Bobs