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Monthly Archives: December 2008

William and Cristy have just gotten a show: Rock Geek FM. Saturday mornings from 8-9 Central Time (GMT-6). Streaming online at Or listen with static at 90.1 FM for those lucky enough to be in the radius.

Tune in Saturday, January 3rd to listen to us kick off the new year with our debut broadcast, as, in the true community radio style, we push the wrong buttons, get flustered, and say “um,” while Cristy helps William answer the question, “What is Power Pop?”

Bert manages to express how he feels about being a puppet in this candid video…

My brilliant buddy Genna sent me the following link, where you can find out your emo band name. Hers is Sunnyday Helicopter Heart. Mine is Physical Underlying Satellite. Now I’m gonna go home, put on some skinny jeans, and wail about how misunderstood I am.