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Category Archives: Wendy Carlos

Art Theater manager and all-around film lover and hater, REDACTED, joins us for a spirited hour of odd music removed from its context and rolled in vigorously unstructured dialog.

Sitting in the basement with a dude with no name….

Sitting in the basement with a dude with no name….

Listen above or download here


In part two of our loving narrative of the rise of the synthesizer in British post-punk, we hand-pick a bouquet of our favorite earlier examples of the genre. Wendy Carlos, as before, makes a surprise guest appearance or two.

Download it here or listen below



My man wears a glittery tux suit and is completely serious about it.



From Anthony Burgess, J.G. Ballard, and William Carlos to Wendy Carlos, The Silicon Teens, and the Human League, we dig up the crunchy roots of primitive Brit-synth in the first half of a two-part show. Download here or listen below.

This show owes a debt to the BBC documentary Synth Brittania as well as the book Mad World, with a special thanks to Doug Hoepker for research assistance and tune-sharing.