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Neal Cassady Chair of Psychedelic Folk Art Philip Graham and Professor of Rockthropology Alma Gottlieb lead Cristy and William through some of the uncharted early albums of the nexus of the cultural myth known as the “Summer of Love.” Learn which ruthless, murderous dictator the pacifist Country Joe was named after, and which band member went on to be a voice actor for the Smurfs. And lots of great music eclipsed in the shadow of the Grateful Dead and Woodstock.

All recorded in an authentic underground basement. Download here or listen below:


Why “Somebody’s Watching Me” by “Rockwell” is the most 80s song of all time (or at least the most 80s song of the 80s)

1. One-hit wonder in a big way. What happened to Rockwell?

2. One-name wonder. Like Sting, Slash, Prince, and Madonna.

3. It’s paranoid.

4. Half-assed rapping integrated into a pop song in the manner of Blondie’s “Rapture” or Murray Head’s “One Night in Bangkok.”

5. Michael Jackson sings on it. The still-black Michael Jackson.

6. It appears in the pilot of Miami Vice.

7. Synthesizers.

Geometric objects, primary colors, fake pink paint splatters, and severe, post-1970s hair.

Askew geometric objects, primary colors, fake pink paint splatters, and severe, post-1970s hair.


The Count.

The Count.

Tonight on Rock Geek F.M., Cristy and I will play a radio show dedicated to songs named after years, with a special emphasis on the 1970s. (Stooges-1970, Genesis, Robyn Hitchcock, Connells-1974, Clash, Kool Keith, Nada Surf-1977, Tar Babies-1979). The show will start in 1914 (Zombies) and continue through 2525 (Zager and Evans) all the way to 3030 (Deltron). Any requests? Tune in take a trip through history.

Other shows that require an abacus:


Cristy and William review the releases of 2009, especially their favorites in light of the top album lists released by more high-profile (and low brow) sources. 2009 lives forever on the net and in our hearts.

For the next 2 hours, Cristy is hosting a women’s rock show called “Ladies of the Eighties” on Womyn Making Waves, streaming on I am on hand to select Yaz songs. Download this revisionist nostalgia in then-inconceivable podcast form.

We think, under the hair, this is Yaz.

We think, under the hair, this is Yaz.

A few episodes of Rock Geek FM have come and gone since my last posting here – string sections, Joe Boyd, songs with brass – but I wanted to post the show we did with Rick Halberg on April 28: Psychedelic Soul

This Saturday Cristy and I have a DUEL. That is right. We are in disagreement over which one of us graduated from high school in a better year for rock.

1987 vs. 1996 pt. 1 / 1987 vs. 1996 pt. 2

Who won?