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The Count.

The Count.

Cristy and I are collecting songs with numbers in the title for a sixty-minute radio show from eight to nine (CST) tomorrow morning on WEFT ninety point one FM (streaming on Our challenge is to have sequential numbers from one to infinity, with the help of School House Rock and Here Come the 123s. We are a long way from our goal, as you can see from our list so far:

17 days, prince
thirteen, big star
1%, janes addiction
splash one, 13th floor elevators
year one, X
five to one, doors
the four horsemen, aphrodite’s child (mind blowing)
25 o’clock, dukes
that Chicago song (25 or …)
16 Military Wives
7 x 7 Is
1 is the Loneliest Number
Two of Us
From a Buick 6
8 Miles High
1000 Umbrellas

I don’t know whether those arbitrarily-numbered Bob Dylan songs should be allowed to count. Your assistance is needed.

Listen to it loud. This one goes up to 13.

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