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Experiment: This show consists of three twenty-minute excerpts from hour-long pieces of music, each of which is built from a process of allowing a sounds source to naturally decay. Results: An hour of listener-unfriendly radio that sounds like sounds like the station, or possibly music itself, or even civilization, is melting into static. Love it.


Meanwhile, William hosted an episode of Alex Lazarevich’s contemporary classical show Mod Bit, dedicated to music with or against text. This show is two hours long, and half of it is part of Robert Ashley’s creepy spoken word opera Dust. Look at the playlist or download the MP3.

William hosted Alex Laxarevich’s Mod Bit and played new music with various permutations and mutilations of text.

Mutatis Mutandis by Herbert Brun.

Mutatis Mutandis by Herbert Brun.