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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Cristy had a fun show with Gillian Marie Gabriel and friends. Read all about it at the blog of the wonderful Lindsey Markel.


Cristy and William review the releases of 2009, especially their favorites in light of the top album lists released by more high-profile (and low brow) sources. 2009 lives forever on the net and in our hearts.

A mix from an avid scholar of Christmas rock! Saint Rick Halberg! Download this down your chimney and enjoy!

Saint Draco getting high on his first Xmas tree.

Saint Draco getting high on his first Xmas tree.

Cristy, William, and guest host Doeg Hoepker executed a radio show dedicated to Bands With Weird Names. The second hour is dedicated to new music. At the end you can hear a bit of a live in-studio performance by a band called Sykes (featuring a violinist!) whose members are in high school. Check out the playlist here.

Thanks, Doug, for guiding us through what for us was a highly subjective and virtually unlimited radio show theme! Listen to/rip/burn/download/archive here.

For WEFT’s women in [folk] music show, Cristy continues to augment the playlists with estrogen-fueled rock. This show is dedicated to Holly Golightly.


William hosted Alex Laxarevich’s Mod Bit and played new music with various permutations and mutilations of text.

Mutatis Mutandis by Herbert Brun.

Mutatis Mutandis by Herbert Brun.