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Neal Cassady Chair of Psychedelic Folk Art Philip Graham and Professor of Rockthropology Alma Gottlieb lead Cristy and William through some of the uncharted early albums of the nexus of the cultural myth known as the “Summer of Love.” Learn which ruthless, murderous dictator the pacifist Country Joe was named after, and which band member went on to be a voice actor for the Smurfs. And lots of great music eclipsed in the shadow of the Grateful Dead and Woodstock.

All recorded in an authentic underground basement. Download here or listen below:



Ethan Madarieta and Erin Hayes join William to share their expertise, and scratch the surface of the tip of the iceberg of Japanese psychedelic music. This is an hour-long primer or a genre known for half-hour-long songs, a gateway to the psychic labyrinth. Commit suicide, drive to Belgrade, hijack a plane, eat sushi on acid, tune in, and turn on.


Old bread gathers some moss.

Old bread can be good.

We are no longer broadcasting on WEFT, and are looking for a new radio station.

As we clean up our attic and prepare to sell this groovy mansion, here are three (very different) favorite shows as an introduction:

All this can be yours. Just right-click.

Collector's item: one of Honcho's setlists from Rock Geek FM.

He’s back, and back with a stack of dusty LPs from the Indian subcontinent. Around the world in two hours.

We explore what psychedelic music might actually mean, since music is not literally a drug. This exploration leads us off genre, out of the 1960s, and into unexpected and delicious territory. A long strange trip, online to expand your ears.

Alice Caterpillar

A few episodes of Rock Geek FM have come and gone since my last posting here – string sections, Joe Boyd, songs with brass – but I wanted to post the show we did with Rick Halberg on April 28: Psychedelic Soul

This Saturday Cristy and I have a DUEL. That is right. We are in disagreement over which one of us graduated from high school in a better year for rock.

1987 vs. 1996 pt. 1 / 1987 vs. 1996 pt. 2

Who won?