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Category Archives: Soft Boys

26 songs, signifying A-Z, in one hour, from the Muppets to hardcore punk. Join us in this race against time. Download or listen below.





Cristy! I knew that was you calling as soon as I heard the gloomy dissonance of Scott Walker!

Here are some original plagiarized* ringtones, created by William for his personal use. You either get it or you don’t. Download! Enjoy!

* “Sampled.” Fair use?


It wasn’t at all easy, but we put together an hour of rock songs that portray drugs in an unmistakably negative light. Get sober, get depressed, pull the covers up to your nose, turn off and tune in.

He seen the damage done.

He seen the damage done.

The Count.

The Count.

As a corollary to our shows about numbers and years, we had to devote a show to addresses, ages, dates, and times. Are we geeks yet?

Rules? Well, just giving street names is a different mix. On the other hand, knowing that Heartbreak Hotel is on the end on Lonely Street is probably enough information to find it on a map of Miseryville. We’d also include “53rd and 3rd”—enough to let you know which subway stop is closest to the Ramones.

Download and get really specific with your listening.

Other shows that require an abacus:

Cristy’s ultra-cute cybergreen VW new beetle suffered another super-cute battery failure while we were filling the tank on the way to the station.

As a result we arrived out of sorts and fell back on a strategy we had not resorted to before: playing songs we really, really like.

Isn’t that what freestyle rock radio by passionate humans should be about?


If that were so, we’d play the same stuff every month.

But it took the edge off a stressful night. Listen, enjoy almost as much as we did, dancing in the studio.

Check engine light is on, guys.

Check engine light is on, guys.