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Category Archives: Halloween


All this reggae-styled Italian western needs is a movie.

A show dedicated to movie soundtrack music that never appeared in movies.

We celebrate the fact that soundtrack music, especially Italian horror and western soundtracks, has become a musical genre detached from film.

A dense, lush, funky, orchestral, and creepy mix.

Turn on the projector of your mind and listen here.


This one is actually a real movie, not a fake soundtrack. I didn’t play it. But it looks fake.

Your pilots.

Your pilots.

Halloween show.

The Great Halloween show. LISTEN.

Honcho and his merry ghouls.

Honcho and his merry ghouls.

An early, haunted, spirited, sleep-deprived, headless romp through horror movie soundtracks, songs about death, unexplained phenomena, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is a fun download.