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Category Archives: music we listened to in high school

For the next 2 hours, Cristy is hosting a women’s rock show called “Ladies of the Eighties” on Womyn Making Waves, streaming on I am on hand to select Yaz songs. Download this revisionist nostalgia in then-inconceivable podcast form.

We think, under the hair, this is Yaz.

We think, under the hair, this is Yaz.

A few episodes of Rock Geek FM have come and gone since my last posting here – string sections, Joe Boyd, songs with brass – but I wanted to post the show we did with Rick Halberg on April 28: Psychedelic Soul

This Saturday Cristy and I have a DUEL. That is right. We are in disagreement over which one of us graduated from high school in a better year for rock.

1987 vs. 1996 pt. 1 / 1987 vs. 1996 pt. 2

Who won?