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It’s CRISTY’S MIX on the Rock Inbox, spinning unknown quantities straight off the new arrivals shelf. We savor some gems and choke on some ore. It’s a pledge drive, but somehow this doesn’t ruin the fun. Listen and discover what we heard.



Black Lips—Drive by Buddy, Underneath the Rainbow
HeartsRevolution—Ride or Die, Ride or Die LP Singalong
Augustines—Cruel City, Augustines
Kaiser Chiefs—The Factory Gates, Education, Education, Education & War
Skaters—Miss Teen Massachusetts, Manhattan
Cibo Matto—Emerald Tuesday, Hotel Valentine
Drowners—Long Hair, Drowners
Old 97s—This Is the Ballad, Most Messed Up
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers—Let It Fly, Wild Moon
St Paul & the Broken Bones—Call Me, Half the City
Aloe Blacc—Love Is the Answer, Lift Your Spirit
The Rebel Set—Riddle Me This, How to Make a Monster
The Pack AD—Animal, Do Not Engage
The Faint—Mental Radio, Doom Abuse
Holy Wave—Psychological Thriller, Relax

Cristy, William, Heather Rose, & Tony Money gather to present and discuss some of the greatest songs recorded by nonexistent bands, from Ruben and the Jets to Spinal Tap to the Dukes of Stratosphear. Although we overflow the hour, we can’t get to everything, nor would we want to, so we also present a Rock and Roll Imaginary Hall of Fame. Of sorts. Great fun. Listen here.



Songs about winter. Chilling with Cristy and William

Aggie, rock dog of the north. Prefers Scottish bands.

Aggie, rock dog of the north. Prefers Scottish bands.


We have uploaded some new and old radio shows for your enjoyment.

John Martyn (with guest scholar Philip Graham) (16 August 2011) (Note: this MP3 has some volume problems at the beginning due to the complex nature of community radio stations. Skip ahead.)
Rolling Stones (with guest scholar Honcho) (5 September 2011)
The Upper Register (with guest scholar John Gehner) (12 September 2011)
Re-uploaded by special request:
Songs About Champaign (with guest scholar John Steinbacher) (1 November 2010)

The Count.

The Count.

We continue our count-up to one million, 13 numbers at a time, with this second installment of songs named after numbers. Listen, rise. This was the only time we were ever forced to play Steppenwolf.

Other shows that require an abacus:


Songs about the almighty dollar, the love of which is the root of all evil and a lot of crap stadium rock. What better theme to get us through a pledge drive? Listen and you can still call in a pledge if you’re so moved.

Why does Paul Kotheimer have so many songs about money?

Why does Paul Kotheimer have so many songs about money?

We explore what psychedelic music might actually mean, since music is not literally a drug. This exploration leads us off genre, out of the 1960s, and into unexpected and delicious territory. A long strange trip, online to expand your ears.

Alice Caterpillar

SONGS ABOUT THE MOON AND THE HISTORY OF APOLLO 11 on Rock Geek FM. This is a fun ride. One of my favorites. Come visit the dark side with us.

The Moon

A pledge drive show during which we claim we can play any requested song, and give away a copy of Ripped, by Greg Kot. Success..?

Well, the station is still on the air.

Just try it!

Just try it!

A few episodes of Rock Geek FM have come and gone since my last posting here – string sections, Joe Boyd, songs with brass – but I wanted to post the show we did with Rick Halberg on April 28: Psychedelic Soul

This Saturday Cristy and I have a DUEL. That is right. We are in disagreement over which one of us graduated from high school in a better year for rock.

1987 vs. 1996 pt. 1 / 1987 vs. 1996 pt. 2

Who won?