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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Professor Philip Graham, the world’s preeminent Byrds scholar, joins us for a lively conversation about the surprising, important legacy of America’s first folk-rock, raga-rock, bluegrass-rock, and country-rock band. It seems that, in addition to being the best fiction coach in the world, Dr. Graham also boasts of knowing more about the band the Byrds than any other living human, including, it seems, the Byrds, whose memories of that great time, understandably, are a bit fogged.

We didn’t know. Now we do. You too can listen in and make your knowledge of this under-appreciated band eight miles wide.


On a stormy 11/22 Honcho emerged from the mists to collaborate on a long-awaited Scott Walker show.

We covered Walker’s career in chronologic order, touching on every solo album along the way.

Honcho took part 1, William took it from there.

Get serious. Listen, and follow us into the darkness.

On November 1, John Steinbacher of Smile Politely Radio joined us, expertly mastering the WWII-era WEFT mixing board, and hosting a show of songs by national artists that mention “Champaign” (Illinois), and then, to fill the remaining hour and 45 minutes, songs by national artists that mention other downstate Illinois communities, songs by downstate Illinois bands that mention Champaign, songs with “Champaign” in the title that are about something else, and bands that have the word “Champaign” in their name. At no point was REO Speedwagon played. Nor, apparently, does anybody have anything to say about “Urbana.” Listen to our world.

Songs about the almighty dollar, the love of which is the root of all evil and a lot of crap stadium rock. What better theme to get us through a pledge drive? Listen and you can still call in a pledge if you’re so moved.

Why does Paul Kotheimer have so many songs about money?

Why does Paul Kotheimer have so many songs about money?