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Category Archives: Hot Topic

Before Hot Topic invaded Middle American malls with its Instant Goth-in-a-Box mentality, where did the goth kids get their clothes and makeup?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, my school was too small for goth infiltration, but nearby Springfield boasted a healthy population of teenage Bauhaus worshippers. I would see them hanging out at the local head shop, Pennylane, and wonder how they coordinated their looks. Did their outfits take a long time to create? Did they wake up knowing exactly what to wear? How did they obtain blue-black hair dye? Did they always dress that way, or did they occasionally wear jeans, cutoffs, and Nikes when they stayed home? And before the Internet, how did they get into bands like Christian Death?  (MTV didn’t even play goth bands on 120 Minutes, unless you count the Cure.)
Lastly, I wonder what they think of Hot Topic?