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A sugary bowlful of songs about comics and cartoons, with colorful audio marshmallows from classic and vintage cartoons. Grab your favorite cereal, wriggle into those sleepers, and get comfortable on the carpet as close to the radio set as possible. Download, up, up, and away.


23 August 2010: Rick Halberg joins us to discuss the history of rock and roll music as viewed through the lens of songs about cars. In the words of the Dude, I fucking hate the Eagles man. But what Glen lacks, Ike Turner got. And what neither Frey nor Turner can provide, Freddie Mercury got covered. A splendid mix, deep and educational. Featuring Rock Geek News: hilarity ensues.

So I guess Queen has re-formed, with Paul Rodgers (formerly of Free, Bad Company, and testosterone spank-fest The Firm) at the helm. I want to know who in the hell masterminded THIS geriatric disaster of seismic proportions.

Queen without Freddie Mercury is like… Queen without Freddie Mercury. There is no analogy appropriate enough to express this.

Seriously. Get the cane.

Here’s our remix of their hit single.