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Monthly Archives: June 2014


Songs about legal matters, lawyers, police, jail, punishment, release, and songs with actual courtroom scenes. A judicious mix, but listen and judge for yourself.


Experiment: This show consists of three twenty-minute excerpts from hour-long pieces of music, each of which is built from a process of allowing a sounds source to naturally decay. Results: An hour of listener-unfriendly radio that sounds like sounds like the station, or possibly music itself, or even civilization, is melting into static. Love it.


Part 2 (following part 1) of songs about ghosts. An hour of haunted rock. Dim the lights, pull the covers up to your nose, and listen to these songs that go bump in the night?



Up up and away! One more hour of music about comics and cartoons, loaded with soundbites as tasty as marshmallows in your Saturday morning cereal. Put on your pajamas, download, and enjoy.

Cristy vs. William.

Cristy vs. William.