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Category Archives: acid casualty


Alice D. and Textasy host the international psychedelia show The New Elastic Infinite, and bring it down home with two hours of psychedelic country and western music, and find that the southern mind doesn’t always turn to thoughts of peace and love. Download or listen:

It wasn’t at all easy, but we put together an hour of rock songs that portray drugs in an unmistakably negative light. Get sober, get depressed, pull the covers up to your nose, turn off and tune in.

He seen the damage done.

He seen the damage done.

On April 19, to celebrate both the triumphant release of the new Roky Erickson album and the announcement that Roky and Okkervil River would be performing at Urbana’s Pygmalion Music Festival, Honcho from Normal took us on a tour of Roky’s rich, twisted catalog. Come on down and drop out, Texas style.

Joanie, quit ridin me. Why don’t you go brew me some more of that Tanzanian Peaberry.

Here’s the weirdest radio show Cristy and I have done so far.

A radio show about the (self-)important music of the 1960s.

The Shallow End, with Mike Nickels and Joanie Cokespoon. Music for thinking people, from when the music mattered.

Download an hour’s worth of attitude here.