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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Sitting in on the Beat Blender, William pours a gourdful of Argentine music, Argentine tango, and bastard tango from North America and Western Europe.

Download and enjoy.


The playlist is here.


Subbing for the experimental/ambient show Fanfare for the Speeding Bullet, William offers a hypnotic two hours of arythmic, ambient, electronic music all meant to convey a sea of tranquility. Featuring guest appearances by JFK, Mission Control, and Elroy.

You can listen here and lapse gently into lunacy. The playlist is here.

Download and dream.



William’s 45th birthday party. Also Kurt Bielema’s 43rd. And Jessy’s (do the math). Straight from the Mackie mixer, a mix of old 45s, bad and worse, from an ad-hoc, Mad-Maxy, duct-taped-together assemblage of iffy turntables. Scratches, pops, warts and inexplicable variations in speed and all. All followed by a not-judiciously-enough edited collage of karaoke attempts.

Join the party, edited down to three exhausting hours, here.


An instructional workout cassette. Grab some beer and donuts and listen.

Skinny Guy painting by Gene Dillon.

Skinny Guy painting by Gene Dillon.


Subbing for one of our favorite shows Decayed Lace, we try our hand at goth rock, with a few moody digressions, closing with half an hour of music by bands whose names include the letter X, that most alien of alphanumeric characters.

Download the two hours of darkness here.

View the playlist here.