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Neal Cassady Chair of Psychedelic Folk Art Philip Graham and Professor of Rockthropology Alma Gottlieb lead Cristy and William through some of the uncharted early albums of the nexus of the cultural myth known as the “Summer of Love.” Learn which ruthless, murderous dictator the pacifist Country Joe was named after, and which band member went on to be a voice actor for the Smurfs. And lots of great music eclipsed in the shadow of the Grateful Dead and Woodstock.

All recorded in an authentic underground basement. Download here or listen below:


In the words of guest host Philip Graham, “Tonight’s show will be devoted to obscure Radiohead B-sides and such, studio cuts that somehow never made it to any of their CDs. The quality of these songs is uniformly excellent, leading to a repeated, inevitable, head scratching question, “Why didn’t they include THAT song? ….I have 48 such songs in my collection, ranging from their first album to their latest, , so there may very well be a second part of this themed-show, if William and Cristy are willing…”

What a great way to make it across the divide between 2011 and 2012! Thanks, Philip.

Listen to or download all four hours below.

Part 1: 2-Hour MP3
Part 2: 2-Hour MP3

In the words of guest host Philip Graham…

“This show will be about one of the world’s greatest rock bands that you never heard of, Rádio Macau. Why haven’t you heard of them? Well, they’re Portuguese, and the rock traditions of other countries, outside of England, don’t travel easily to our country. It’s our loss.

Rádio Macau formed in the early new-wavish 80s, had several iconic hits and has continued brilliantly right to the present day. Lead singer Xana is one of the great voices of rock ‘n’ roll (think Brian Ferry after a sex change operation). How good are they? Their masterpiece, 2000’s Onde O Tempo Faz A Curva (Where Time Curves), predates Radiohead’s Kid A by several months, and yet cuts that album, and sets the stage for many experiments to come in the following decade.”

Listen to and download the two-hour-plus MP3 here.

dedicated scholars

We have uploaded some new and old radio shows for your enjoyment.

John Martyn (with guest scholar Philip Graham) (16 August 2011) (Note: this MP3 has some volume problems at the beginning due to the complex nature of community radio stations. Skip ahead.)
Rolling Stones (with guest scholar Honcho) (5 September 2011)
The Upper Register (with guest scholar John Gehner) (12 September 2011)
Re-uploaded by special request:
Songs About Champaign (with guest scholar John Steinbacher) (1 November 2010)

Here is the sad story of master singer-songwriter and Byrds co-founder Gene Clark, as told to William by Philip Graham, rock scholar. Listen to Gene Clark’s life and work, from an early Byrds demo through his final recordings.

Download the MP3 here.

Dr. Philip Graham, rock scholar, leads a rigorous discussion of the works, personnel, and history of Procol Harum, from their peculiar name and explosive, immediate success through their continuing contemporary relevance and most recent releases. What you don’t know might help you. Tune in.

Professor Philip Graham, the world’s preeminent Byrds scholar, joins us for a lively conversation about the surprising, important legacy of America’s first folk-rock, raga-rock, bluegrass-rock, and country-rock band. It seems that, in addition to being the best fiction coach in the world, Dr. Graham also boasts of knowing more about the band the Byrds than any other living human, including, it seems, the Byrds, whose memories of that great time, understandably, are a bit fogged.

We didn’t know. Now we do. You too can listen in and make your knowledge of this under-appreciated band eight miles wide.