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Category Archives: muzak

Very interesting developments. This afternoon, we hit the Common Ground Co-op for fresh fruit. It seems the store is railing against the grocery-store music mediocrity that Schnucks has fallen victim to! In 15 minutes, I heard Modest Mouse, Cake, and Cracker. Not bad!

Ideally, I’d conduct ALL my grocery shopping at Common Ground Food Co-op, which is practically across the street from my house. But sometimes I require midnight runs for cheap sushi, generic cat food, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch—and a kick-ass soundtrack while doing it. Which is why I’ll go to Schnucks. In the past few months I’ve heard XTC, Squeeze (“Pulling Mussels from a Shell”, NOT “Tempted”), the Ramones, and Low-era David Bowie. Most grocery stores sadistically force their customers to peruse the aisles to AM dreck like “Loves Me Like a Rock” or “Get Closer.” But Schnucks is committed to creating the ultimate New Wave shopping experience for its customers.

William pictures a DJ in white smock behind the butcher counter, holding headphones to his ear, dropping the needle on Marquee Moon while slicing corned beef.

Unfortunately, in my most recent outings, I’ve suspected a drastic format change. Starship has replaced Talk Talk; Rod Stewart has replaced Gary Numan. I’m afraid Schnucks might be going the way of bland contemporaries like Kroger and County Market. What gives?