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It’s CRISTY’S MIX on the Rock Inbox, spinning unknown quantities straight off the new arrivals shelf. We savor some gems and choke on some ore. It’s a pledge drive, but somehow this doesn’t ruin the fun. Listen and discover what we heard.



Black Lips—Drive by Buddy, Underneath the Rainbow
HeartsRevolution—Ride or Die, Ride or Die LP Singalong
Augustines—Cruel City, Augustines
Kaiser Chiefs—The Factory Gates, Education, Education, Education & War
Skaters—Miss Teen Massachusetts, Manhattan
Cibo Matto—Emerald Tuesday, Hotel Valentine
Drowners—Long Hair, Drowners
Old 97s—This Is the Ballad, Most Messed Up
JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers—Let It Fly, Wild Moon
St Paul & the Broken Bones—Call Me, Half the City
Aloe Blacc—Love Is the Answer, Lift Your Spirit
The Rebel Set—Riddle Me This, How to Make a Monster
The Pack AD—Animal, Do Not Engage
The Faint—Mental Radio, Doom Abuse
Holy Wave—Psychological Thriller, Relax

On our first Rock Inbox in a few years, we venture into the dangerous territory of new releases. Join Cristy as she tries on Camera Obscura, Thee Oh Sees, and other cutting-edge discs. One fresh hour.


Could it be… that we went freestyle on this one, rare occasion? The motivations for this nihilistic move are lost to history, but a setlist of songs we love remains for your pleasure.



As Rock Genre Directors at WEFT 90.1 FM, once a month we would set about opening our mail, criticizing the type treatment used by the mostly micro-label CDs we received, and digging for buried musical treasure. All on the air, with envelopes ripping and bubble wrap popping. And lots of playing songs that were new to us, even if they might be stale to others.

Send your CD to Rock Geek Enterprises, P.O.Box 91, Urbana IL 61803.

28 February 2009: Vampire Weekend, Davis Schneiderman, Robyn Hitchcock, &c.

20 June 2009: Martin Newell, The Bird and the Bee, Robyn Hitchcock, &c.

1 August 2009: Common Loon, Paul Kotheimer, &c.

19 September 2009: Phoenix, Electric Tickle Machine, Apples in Stereo, Vivian Girls, &c.

15 January 2010: Surprises both fresh and rancid.

12 April 2010: Broken Bells, Gorillaz, MC Frontalot, &c.

14 June 2010: Dead Weather, Seth Augustus, Karen Elson, &c.

19 July 2010: Wolf Parade, Hot Hot Heat, Black Keys, Sadies, Dark Night of the Soul, &c.

16 August 2010: An attempt to work through the entire alphabet: new releases by bands starting with letters A—Z…

30 August 2010: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Wavves, Aloe Blacc, &c.

20 September 2010: Of Montreal, Philip Selway, &c.

18 October 2010: Janelle Monae! (Followed by a live performance by Community College on the WEFT Sessions)

15 November 2010: Decemberists, and what else do you need, really?

13 December 2010: John Steinbacher joins William while Cristy takes a holiday

17 January 2011: with Todd Hunter

7 March 2011: Chain and the Gang, Bare Wires, &c. Wow.

18 April 2011: Dopestylevsky, Mammals of Zod, Paul Kotheimer, Gary Heidt, Shipbuilding Company, Deerhoof, &c.

6 June 2011: Raphael Saadiq, Chad VanGaalen, &c.

20 June 2011: Fist of Kindness, Five-Eight, Wombats, the Head, Hammer No More the Fingers, &c.

18 July 2011: Bloc Party, Mike Watt, &c.

22 August 2o11: Rome, Material Issue, &c.

12 December 2011: We were late and called in to ask a baby boomer to start our show, with predictable results. Thanks, Mick.

 23 January 2012: They Might Be Giants, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, &c.


Honcho joins us on the Rock Inbox for the best of the best of the newest of the best rock. Two sizzling hours.



From the archives, here’s a show we apparently broadcast in May of 2011, when Honcho visited us with a bag of loot from Austin Psychfest. The recording is currently MIA, but here’s the extant evidence of what we’re missing.

Looks like it sounds great!

Looks like it sounds great!

Oh Captain my Captain!

30 August 2010: DJ Tony Money helps us tear the envelopes off a stack of new arrivals as we bring you the Rock Inbox: totally new music. Chaos, madness, ecstasy, and thirty fingers on the pulse of rock. Listen to what’s new, and which by now may be old, or, more likely, never caught on to become current.

Rock music without singing? Wait. What? The point? You mean like, surf? No? Early 1970s 12-minute jams with the verses cut out? No? Well? Listen as William attempts to answer these questions from Cristy. And then she throws him off the mike and takes over with the Rock Inbox.

Sing no evil.

Sing no evil.


Cristy and William review the releases of 2009, especially their favorites in light of the top album lists released by more high-profile (and low brow) sources. 2009 lives forever on the net and in our hearts.

Cristy and William’s first Rock Inbox, meeting WEFT’s mission to play new music in order to get more new music, and our own mission to get past the music we listened to in high school. It doesn’t all suck. Judge for yourself.