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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Is it a sign that a band has lost its way when they record a song about how rock and roll is totally kick-ass? I mean, how many putrid examples can you think of? The Stones, Bob Seger, Huey Lewis, Kiss… Ew ew ew. Hurting for ideas? Or do they really think those songs are a contribution?

It’s a problem. Well, one we couldn’t resist exacerbating. Here’s a couple hours of preaching to the converted.

I take my card and I stand in line... Sonny, is this where the bingo tournament is?

I take my card and I stand in line… Sonny, is this where the bingo tournament is?

Songs about jobs. Working them, hating them, losing them, finding them, hating them, quitting them. A surprising number of musicians with no jobs have expressed anxiety on this topic. Sometimes music delves into deeper truths than love and beauty. Punch in, turn on, and download.

Not included in this episode.

Not included in this episode.

Songs about sports. Because rock stars pride themselves on being in peak physical condition. Listen and see what we came up with.

Diaper full of beer.

Diaper full of beer.

Honcho is back from Normal, this time with another maniacally thorough radio show dedicated to Australia’s The Church. He has been working his imaginary WEFT Press Pass, and procured exclusive interview footage as well as some possibly illegal bootleg recordings given the nod by the gentlemen of the Church. This is pretty pure stuff, like holy water. Enjoy a radio show like none other.

On April 19, to celebrate both the triumphant release of the new Roky Erickson album and the announcement that Roky and Okkervil River would be performing at Urbana’s Pygmalion Music Festival, Honcho from Normal took us on a tour of Roky’s rich, twisted catalog. Come on down and drop out, Texas style.