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Category Archives: Rádio Macau

In the words of guest host Philip Graham…

“This show will be about one of the world’s greatest rock bands that you never heard of, Rádio Macau. Why haven’t you heard of them? Well, they’re Portuguese, and the rock traditions of other countries, outside of England, don’t travel easily to our country. It’s our loss.

Rádio Macau formed in the early new-wavish 80s, had several iconic hits and has continued brilliantly right to the present day. Lead singer Xana is one of the great voices of rock ‘n’ roll (think Brian Ferry after a sex change operation). How good are they? Their masterpiece, 2000’s Onde O Tempo Faz A Curva (Where Time Curves), predates Radiohead’s Kid A by several months, and yet cuts that album, and sets the stage for many experiments to come in the following decade.”

Listen to and download the two-hour-plus MP3 here.

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