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Category Archives: death


Alice D. and Textasy host the international psychedelia show The New Elastic Infinite, and bring it down home with two hours of psychedelic country and western music, and find that the southern mind doesn’t always turn to thoughts of peace and love. Download or listen:


Songs about doctors, illness, hospitals, disease, dementia, ambulances, and death. Click here and someone will be in to check your hearing shortly.

Clean living.

Clean living.

An early, haunted, spirited, sleep-deprived, headless romp through horror movie soundtracks, songs about death, unexplained phenomena, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is a fun download.


Steven Peregrine Took, member of Tyrannosaurus Rex (before it became the abbreviated, glammy T. Rex): Death by inhaling—and subsequently choking on—a cocktail cherry.