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Join us as we return to the airwaves Saturday the 19th at 3 p.m. CST, streaming online, with a brand new show: Songs about Autumn. Music that turns colors and falls to the ground, music that is partially overcast, music that yields empty fields and provides a flicker of warmth in the encroaching coldness.

Rock Geek Gothic.

Rock Geek Gothic.

Download an hour of falling leaves here.

Rock Geek F.M. is still for sale to the highest bidder—the station with the most expensive microphones—which for now is good old WEFT 90.1 FM.

Join us in four weeks for the episode entitled The Great Miserabalists—featuring Cristy’s list of Top 3 Sad Bastards in rock.


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  1. Hey. Neil Young here. I’m not a southerner but I play one on my records. In fact I’m CANADIA-AN [sung to the tune of “Southern Man”] I’m recording this message in my barn at my rustic 500-acre farm in Beverly Hills. Just having a smoke to calm my nerves. I’m not a happy camper today. I heard about this radio show that my friend Crystalline was doing, songs about autumn, and I called her to suggest my hit song “Harvest.” Well, she said—I can’t believe this, can you believe this—that there wasn’t time to include it. And she also said it might be too “boomery.” Well, we know the real story here. These Rock Geek people are racist; they hate Canadians! Oh sure, they play a little Sloan (those little punks [sotto voce]), but how much Joni do you hear? How much Paul Anka? How much of yours truly? Well, I’m here to tell you that my song “Harvest” is the cherry of all time, and also *cough* I done my time, man. I played Farm Aid at that lousy town. I deserve to be on that show as much as Sidney Bart or Captain Beefcakes or any of those others *cough.* This whole fascist anti-Canadian trip they’ve got going—oh nuck. I dropped my hooter and set the hay bales on fire. (SLAPPING, SAYING OUCH, COUGHING, SHOUTING HELP, fade-out)

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