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Music We Love.

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The Rolling Stones: admitting you have a problem
Yes: 30 years of rock typography
Our Rock and Roll Fantasy
Those Darlins: brace yourself—an interview
The Vertebrats: the last best next big thing
King Crimson: the six degrees of King Crimson (scrimmage)
Music We Shouldn't Like But Do



Cristy Lectures William on Nirvana (MP3)

William, I'd like to hear your pre-Cristy position on Nirvana. I think you rolled over too easily on that audio clip. Cristy - C'mon. Nirvana was a good band, yes; but don't you think they would've been easily replaceable as the godfathers of their genre? I think it was the idea of Nirvana that was important. They were in the right time and right place and had an effective marketing machine behind them (which I believe you did mention, William). Grunge would have taken off with or without Nirvana.—Chad Scoggins

Dirk Stratton Tells His Nirvana Story, Comments on the Site,
Explains Punk/New Wave Band Names With the Letter X,
and Becomes a Rock Geek


Music we love.

Music We Dislike.

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Neil Young sold out!

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