About Rock Geek Chic


Rock Geek Chic is rock scholarship by William Gillespie and Cristy Scoggins of Urbana, Illinois, hosts of the radio show Rock Geek FM. We set out to write a book, and have ended up with a blog and radio show. We've also written album and concert reviews for Smile Politely and Innocent Words.

We'll work for vinyl. Make us an offer.

And we're right about everything. Yes, it’s as simple and shameless as that.

Our radio show Rock Geek FM happens every other Saturday from 3–4 pm CST, streaming online at weft.org.

You can subscribe as a podcast right here.

You may send CDs for the ROCK INBOX to us at:

Rock Geek Chic
co/ Spineless Books
PO Box 91
Urbana IL 61803<

rock geeks at rock geek chic dot com


Q: You like bands? I have a band. I'm going to put you on our email list. Okay?

A: No. We review music, not email. If you send us email about your band, it is likely that, if we ever even get to hear their music, we will already be weary of them.

Q: Oh. Well, I'll mail you a CD?

A: Nice. GOT VINYL? Even nicer. Incidentally, we won't waste anybody's time by writing a bad review of a small or up-and-coming act. We save our ammo to take down the big guys.

listen to our radio show ROCK GEEK FM and talk back at rockgeekchic.com/blog