Bands Named After Geographic Regions

Cristy: Bands named after geographic regions suck! Just look at the map I made! It's a map of pain and sorrow!

William: Are they as bad as bands named "The [name of bandleader] band?" Steve Miller, Michael Stanley, Marshall Tucker, J. Geils, Dave Mathews. Dwight Twilley, Jim Carroll, Jeff Healey. I'll take an experience, a project, or an explosion over a "band" any day of the week.

Cristy: Bands named after regions are worse then bands named after... themselves! I count Foreigner and Journey because those terms are associated with geography and travel.

William: Ew. Is that fair?

Cristy: I'm NOT going to count UK Squeeze, Wham UK, London Suede, or Charaltans UK because they were FORCED to use those geographical modifiers as to not infringe on their subpar American counterparts.

William: Don't forget the band U.K.! Maybe they started out with no name but were sued by an American band with no name... Anyway, and confusingly, they reformed as “Asia,” and then experienced a lot more success. Not necessarily in Asia.

Cristy: Balderdash. I dare you to find a great band named after a place!

William: Well... My friend played bass for a local band named Proof of Utah, but, well, let’s just say the band didn’t survive the pressures associated with that, um, amount of fame. Never mind. You’re right. As usual, Cristy.

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